In poetry, the seeming mundane moment is immediately important, god-full, saturated, adventurous, dangerous; one cannot live in poetry and not live in awe. When I am writing, life is never boring, dutiful, gray, or limited.

Poems offer me a space to seek, to quest….and it is always the question that initiates my writing—which leads me also to the more practical nature of question as means to quality; are the most successful poems the ones that ask/answer the most creative question making?

My poems explore the questions I hear made by myself, my communities, country, planet, cosmos—now, then, and in the future.

Aubree Blomgren

From—How it Was and Was Not

If we met now, instead of at eighteen
when our personalities were like pages
from carefully crayoned color books,
colored emphatically inside the lines,
because we were so proud we had learned how
not to scribble, you would come back to my place,
or I would go to yours, both of us apologizing
for the mess, or maybe just me,
and you would take my shirt off,
no, probably I would, and you’d see
nothing special. Just boobs.

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